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The choice is now easier

Our Fireshelters are purpose built to comply with the latest release Australian Performance Standards for Private Bushfire Shelters 2010 Part_1 and we have full assessment from independent Fire Engineers: BCA Engineers



Unique features of our systems:-

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)  Comfortably seat up to 6 persons.

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)  Individual air system for each person

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)  Totally sealed against smoke.

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)  Interior lighting.

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)   Fire proof peep hole.

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)   Outside Temperature Monitor

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)   Wine Cellar version available

CHECKER.GIF (920 bytes)   Increased Sizes also available

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Service & Training

Fireshelters Australia provide full training in the use and operation of the Fireshelter and the air system.
We also offer a Bushfire Ready service at the beginning of the fire season. All equipment is checked and serviced.



Are you a licensed builder?

Looking for work with a professional company?

..... click HERE for more details.

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